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I am an anthropologist, author and linguist—born in the UK, raised in Germany, with a PhD defended in Switzerland. I have lived and worked in the People’s Republic of China, Kyrgyzstan, Hungary, Turkey, Finland and the Russian Federation; and I thrive by sharing my knowledge and imagination through teaching, writing and helping others to polish and perfect their own texts.

In my research I connect local voices, which too often remain inaudible for Western audiences, with broader historical and political transitions in socialist and post-socialist Eurasia. Following my research interests in political and social anthropology, border control, nationality, ethnicity and state power, I design courses that give students the ability to approach rapidly changing geopolitical landscapes with a critical eye. I also provide consultancy for policy-makers and business professionals working on (or in) the former Soviet Union, China and Inner Asia.

My passion also lies in texts and language. Aside from writing both fact and fiction myself, I help others to enhance and create texts for diverse audiences.

If you need my expertise as an anthropologist, consultant or teacher and coach, or someone to translate text from German to English and to proof-read, edit or enrich your academic, professional or fictional work in English, I would be very happy to hear from you.

My most recent work records insight ‘from the ground’ spanning over a decade, and is entitled ‘China’s Borderlands: the Faultline of Central Asia’.

“This lyrical, intelligent book functions as part travelogue, part sociological exploration, and is based on a unique body of research.” – Excerpt from the book blurb


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