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My passion is to help others to communicate their thoughts and connect with their audiences. Beyond this, I co-write song lyrics and other creative texts; and in this I have enjoyed utilising my experience as a writer of fiction, as well as my biography as a traveller, science fiction reader and passionate fan of extreme heavy metal.

My career has been blessed by the opportunity to learn languages—Russian, Mandarin Chinese, Finnish, French—and my proof-reading/editing ethos is to retain an author’s original voice and transport their idiosyncracy into English, as far as possible and in the context of a clear and crisp ‘classic style’.

If you are a student, academic, policy expert, musician or a writer who wishes to develop their writing or enhance their communication skills, I will be happy to offer my expertise and experience. When needed, I utilise my extensive network of highly skilled photographers, graphic designers and illustrators, as well as translators from other languages, to ensure the best reception for what you wish to say. It goes without saying that all texts I work on for clients are guaranteed to fulfil any publisher’s language and style requirements.

In addition to my native tongue, I am an almost-native speaker of German and I have gained great experience in translations (German-English), which have been published in numerous scholarly fields for British, American and European publishers.

Commissioned editing work ranges from short texts or pieces to extensive projects that span several months. This can be done flexibly either face-to-face or by email, and tasks may cover straightforward proof-reading or extend to commented editing that is designed to make your text/speech reach the highest stylistic requirements as well as providing you with a tool to grow more eloquent in specific areas.

I also coach individuals or small groups at academic or professional institutions, offering linguistic insight tailored to specific needs and environments.

Finally, creating an index for larger publications is a time-consuming and complex task, yet the value of a well-crafted index is immeasurable. Should you require an index or terminological glossary for your work, I am happy to assist you.

Published books I have language-edited and proof-read:

‘The Regional Security Puzzle around Afghanistan’ (Rytövuori-Apunen, 2016); 

‘Dealing with Elusive Futures: University Graduates in Urban Africa’ (Steuer, Engeler and Macamo, 2017); 

Urban Dreams: Transformations of Family Life in Urban Burkina Faso’ (Roth, 2017); 

‘Russia’s Deep Borders’ (Rytövuori-Apunen, 2018)


Scholarly articles in fields including: History, Economics, International Relations, Biochemistry, Pedagogy, Anthropology, Islamic Studies, Political Science, Media Studies and Entrepreneurship.


Institutions whose members have commissioned language work from me: University of Bern, University of Basel, University of Landau, Aalto University, University of Tampere, University of Zurich, and the Caucasus Institute.




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